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My name is Mabel, and I am all about having fun. I moved to California several years ago in order to go to college. I’m still taking classes, but am in no hurry to get a career. Right now, I’m having a blast meeting people from all over the world – and I hope that I can meet you very soon.

Let’s Have Fun!

I like to live in the moment and have as much fun as possible. I play well with men and women, and this is one of the reasons I offer a couples massage Orange County is home to some amazing hotels, and I can visit you and even your significant other right at your hotel room.

I’m not the shy kind of girl. Instead, I like to think of myself as they see in a little bit seductive. I’m very confident with my body, and while I love to go shopping for new clothes, I would prefer to spend all of my time in the nude. There is nothing more exciting to me than being able to express myself however I feel comfortable – and none of my clients have ever complained when I choose to strip down to absolutely nothing.

How About an Orange County Tantric Massage?

If you have never had a tantra massage Orange County is the best place to do it. I absolutely love being one of the Anaheim escorts to offer this, and it truly is one of the best ways to relax. Sometimes, I have been known to give the massage is in a bikini or lingerie and other times I’ve been known to do it completely in the nude. It is entirely up to you in terms of how I perform it.

My skilled hands can work over the body in ways that you have only dreamed about. This is the sure way to get you to relax. When you desire an Orange County Tantric massage, I can provide it day and night.

We don’t have to sit around the hotel room and enjoy massages alone. I enjoy providing companionship and love to go out on the town. I consider myself to be quite the foodie and can make recommendations on some of the top restaurants. Whatever it is that you want to do, I’m here for you.

Make the call to book with me now so that we can get started.